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Cheap plane tickets to Bournemouth? Hell, yeah!

Welcome to the third (and last) part of our South West England adventure. (Read the first part of our road trip about us visiting Shaftesbury and Castle Combe and the second part about our experience from Old Harry Rocks.)

Like I spoiled to you, those two remaining days we got a bright sky without clouds. But it was eventually the good thing because mother nature made some magic and we got amazing soft light for our visit of natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast named Doodle Door and ruin of Corfe Castle dates to the 11th century. We visited both places in the early evening on the weekend to be able to enjoy it with fewer people than during the day.

Read the first part of our road trip journey about our experience of Shaftesbury and Castle Combe.
Or the second part about us
visiting Old Harry Rocks, the city of Bath, and a small town called Clevedon.


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Been there, loved it

Love Cake Etc. at Swanage

We decided to keep our last full day in England at a pretty slow pace. We drove down from Old Harry Rocks down to the small town Swanage, parked, ate our packed lunch, walked on the beach, photographed Pól in front of a dinosaur mosaic… and then we realized we couldn’t get back home without enjoying typical English Afternoon Tea!

We googled like crazy and found a cozy place called Love Cake Etc., just a few feet away from our parking lot. We had an hour left until our ticket expires and we decided to give it a go! Finding one: English coffee is not good. Finding two: if something is for one person, it is DEFINITELY for two :D We ordered the „Love Cake Board“ for £8.50 – a delicious mini selection of their cakes and this is what we got. I mean, OMG! We barely finished it. Well, let me tell you the truth, we weren’t able to finish it :( But it was SO good! Even I am not a fan of the English way of serving cakes with frosting not being stored in a fridge, I enjoyed it.

We are giving 6 Barbs out of 5! :D

Doodle Door

local cows & Pól

Man O’War Beach

Corfe Castle

Bournemouth beach houses