Pol’s & Barb’s apartment, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
Shot on Saturday, May 30, 2020
Tanglewood Forest Silver Ash Wallpaper ‎* GIFTED / in collaboration with the Photowall

We were used to traveling a lot. And because of safety reasons and Czech Republic’s lockdown we couldn’t. So we decided we will make the most out of our #homealone time and we’ll finish all of our rooms in a Prague apartment.

Where to start? Well. Barb is a big fan of wallpapers – it’s a great way how to make your room looks cozy and set a tone of the whole space.

We both teamed up with a Swedish company Photowall and picked two wallpapers which fit our place in Prague the best. What we love about wallpapers from Photowall the most is material that is durable, wipeable, PVC-free, and environmentally friendly. We ordered a premium-quality version which is scrape-resistant, antireflective and has an extra matte finish.

Let me introduce you to the first design from Lemon x Aureum collection, which is a wallpaper collaboration between South African design studio Lemon and a contemporary art and homeware brand Aureum Design founded by Nicole Levenberg. Tanglewood Forest Silver Ash is the name of the STUNNING wallpaper we used in the smallest room of our apartment. We wallpapered two continuous walls.


Pro tip: When ordering wallpaper for more than one wall, remember to measure all walls together and add appx. 10 cm to your measurements to provide a margin of error for assembly.

We were a little bit skeptical to wallpaper by ourselves but we agreed to accept the challenge. And made it happen! To be honest, once you’ll try it, you will quickly figure out, how to do it!

Pro tip: We picked up the strips one by one (i.e. 1-9) and attached each wallpaper strip first in the middle of each strip (to fit the pattern on the previous strip) and then straighten it from the middle to the top and bottom at the same time. Make sure there are NO visible lines or spaces between each strip. Once the walls are dried the wallpaper will shrink a little bit and it is possible that lines will be more visible.

„Our“ Tanglewood Forest wallpaper comes in three colors:
Veridian, Nightfall, and our favourite Silver Ash.

Thank you so much, Ivo & Matyáš, for fun help with wallpapering during COVID-19 quarantine!