Griffith Observatory Los Angeles, CA, USA

34°07’05.3508″ N, -118°18’00.4248″ W
Thanks to jet lag the first thing you have to do after first night spent overseas is get up super early (you can’t sleep anyway, so… :P) and head to the most amazing place of your destination. We are not morning/sunrise people and we snooze our iPhone alarm every time. Pfff… That’s why we LOVE jet lag so much. Well we love it only when we arrive to our destionation not the other way around :D

BARB // Hat by Tonak / Denim jacket from Second Hand / Jeans by Noisy May / Crop top by Stradivarius
PÓL // Hat by Tonak / Shirt by ZARA / Watches by KOMONO

View from the opposite side of Griffith Observatory on Hollywood Hills with the Hollywood Sign