Antwerp, Belgium

Another great Belgium city! We were amazed by all the cute cafes (Kolonel Koffie, Cuperus, NormoCaffènationMokkakapotBarnini, Broer BretelMe & My Monkey, Coffee & Vinyl) and a series of comic walls! We accidentally came across one art piece named Kleurrijke Stoet (middle photo below) by Brecht Evens located on Oever 14.

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Grote Markt

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tower of Cathedral of Our Lady and Steen Castle and the other side of Grote Markt (top)
Antwerp from the top of The MAS museum (bottom)
The MAS museum
Cathedral of Our Lady (top)
Crème de la Crème, Janneke Worst (permanently closed) and LOA grab & go (bottom)
Cathedral of Our Lady (top and bottom left)
Pilotage Building (bottom right)

We stayed at B&B Cimbarsaca which is about 45 minutes away from Antwerp and we loved it!