Chloumek, Czechia

Sometimes the best adventure is to re-discover the places where you grew up.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we returned from our trip to Sweden and it hasn’t been a single day we were returning in our memories. Also, Bárb’s IG Feed looks like she has never left Sweden in a first-place… :D

No wonder when we wanted to upgrade our Autumn/Winter wardrobe with new everlasting essential pieces such as parkas, we decided to browse Scandinavian brands that are well known for both design and function. Both, very crucial for us as well. We envisioned finding good-looking parkas for outdoor adventures and also strolls throughout the city.

Didriksons went through Bárb’s mind. She heard about the brand from her friend Lucie years ago and she re-discovered while in Sweden this year.

A brand, known as „The Swedish Jacket Brand„, has a simple philosophy: rather than challenge the elements, we adapt to them.

And, ladies and gents, it was love at a first sight. Bárb chose Alicia Parka Long to be her new go-to parka worn from autumn to spring. Alicia is a full windproof and waterproof parka with an amazing extra oversized fit, Bárb loves so much, and a fishtail at the back. And she grabbed her for a very good price, too <3 And that’s how our very unexpected collaboration with Didriksons started.

Next time we will dive more into how we were selecting our collaboration pieces – autumn parka for Pól and winter puffer coat for Bárb.

Pick the right gear
Didriksons Alicia Parka Long Black in size 42
OCEANSAPART Becca Pant Ivory in size XL
Bimba y Lola boots, M&S sweater, Czech-made wool socks