Bonjour, Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, Czechia

Are you looking for an unusually great café in Karlovy Vary? Try Bonjour! This french-inspired café / bistro is perfect for brunches or some sweet treats, although coffee could be much much better. Fingers crossed for Bonjour to find great coffee roaster and upgrade their coffee to the next level.

Grab for… ?


> Poppy Cheesecake 45 CZK (1.5 €)
> or any other cake from fresh daily selection from 45 CZK (1.5 €)

something else?

> Tap water on the house! YAY! 0 CZK/€
> Coffee from 1.3 € for Espresso, we got Cappuccino for 40 CZK (1.5 €)