Pick the right gear

What are my essentials for winter Iceland trip:

  • small soft backpack (perfect as packed in a suitcase)
  • carry-on bottle for water (why buy water in plastic, right?)
  • warm stuff (wool beanie, sweater, socks and gloves, and baselayer) 
  • practical stuff (my glasses, passport, …)
  • beauty stuff (my beloved Céline small B necklace, red lipstick, and brow stuff)

This is our first time in Iceland while winter. And we know that without proper baselayer we will be freezing all the time because of windy weather. So I did my research and a lot of my friends and colleagues recommended Scandinavian brand Craft. Word of mouth – that’s it! There still was plenty of time before our trip so I took our chances and tried to write an email to *Craft about a possible collab. You know, sometimes we do that – if we are sure that the product is perfect for us and we can make some great photos or social mentiones – why not! For saved money, we can eat more hot dogs from Bæjarins Best – Reykjavík’s most famous hot dog stand. :D We will definitely go for „ein með öllu“ hotdog (that’s „one with everything“, where the lamb-based hotdog is covered in ketchup, mustard, fried and raw onion and remoulade, a type of sweet mayonnaise dressing). Or you can get „Bill Clinton“ hotdog – Clinton only wanted mustard on it. Anyway, it happened! <3 So, we can choose a proper baselayer exchange for featured here and on our social media channels.

/ bottle by Chilly Bottle
/ gloves by Ice Wear
/ beanie by Geysir & *hat by Tonak
/ glasses by Etnia
/ *wool sweater & *scarf by French Connection
/ mini B and necklace by Céline / mini backpack Kanken by Fjällräven
/ *baselayer by Craft (long-sleeve jersey and underpants made of a soft Merino wool and Lyocell blend)
/ red lipstick by Diego Dalla Palma
/ Goof Proof Brow Pencil by Benefit
/ rings by 27jewelry / wool socks from Iceland
*gifted: Tonak hat, Craft baselayer, French Connection sweater, and scarf